Terms & Conditions

Admissions, Tickets & Refunds

By booking your ticket(s) to one of our events you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. You will be emailed a Booking Confirmation and a ticket (electronic ticket). 

Tickets will be emailed to you on the email address registered with the ticket agent you made the booking through.

In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all guests the organisers and venue operator reserve the right to refuse admission.

No admission without a valid ticket.

All ticket types are non-transferrable. Tickets purchased from third party sources may not be genuine and therefore may not guarantee you entry to the event.

All tickets are non-refundable, unless the event is cancelled. This includes any additional tickets for day or evening entertainment. In the event of cancellation, only the face value of the ticket will be refunded not including booking fee. In this instance please refer to the ticket agent to obtain your refund.

You must present your ticket with the barcode displayed in order to gain entry to the event. If the barcode is defaced or otherwise cannot be scanned you may not be able to gain entry to the event. Once a barcode has been scanned and exchanged for a wristband or entry stamp it cannot be used again.

Discount codes are subject to availability and can be removed from use without prior communications.

We advise you not to show or post images of your barcode on social media as these could allow someone else access on the code, the first scanned ticket to arrive at the event will be allowed entry; any subsequent ticket with the same barcode will be denied access. Please treat your ticket as you would cash, the organisers accept no responsibility or liability for any unauthorised use of a ticket or barcode.

The organisers and premises licence holder/venue will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at the event including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles.

Certain tickets may require you to present valid identification in order to gain entry. Where this is the case, it will be stated during the ticket buying process and on the ticket itself.

Wristbands removed from, tampered with, lost or missing will be rendered invalid and will not be replaced. Those without valid wristbands will be removed from the site or asked to purchase a new ticket. All wristbands issued by the organiser remain the property of Player1 Events until the final day of the event.

Any customers who arrive outside advertised check- in times may be required to wait before being allowed entry. Such wait times will vary, especially during busy periods.

Indoor Camping

By ordering the Indoor Sleeping service at StratLAN I, the ticket holder,  accept & agree that:

    • The indoor sleeping is an open communal space with other attendees and the ticket holder uses the indoor sleeping space at their own risk.
    • The ticket holder is responsible for, where possible, remaining socially distant whilst using the indoor sleeping area 
    • The tickets holder is only permitted to bring 1 “single” size airbed or camp-bed to sleep on in the indoor sleeping area
    • The ticket holder will not set up their sleeping area in the designated fire escape lanes or in front of a fire escape and will not set up their sleeping equipment in a non-sleeping designated area
    • Player1 Events takes no responsibility for any property that is lost or stolen whilst using the indoor sleeping area.

Outdoor Camping

1.1   We reserve the right of admission. We only accept responsible campers that are considerate to fellow campers/guests and be respectful of the environment.

1.2   There must be no loud or disrupting noise after 22:00 before 08:00.

1.3   The Campsite is a tent only area. All tents must be non-permanent.

1.4   Campervans, caravans, & similar mobile home vehicles are allowed but need to be parked in the designated area and not on the campsite area. The area designated next to the electrical power hook-ups on the other side of the racecourse racetrack opposite the paddock suite building.

1.5   Leave your accommodation as you found it, ie: no litter or damage. You will be liable for any damages or excess cleaning caused to any of our property and will be charged by the racecourse.

1.6   Music players/radios must be kept to a reasonable volume and then switched off by 22:00.

1.7  No pitches are reserved and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

1.8  No open fires or BBQs are allowed.

1.9  We cannot accept responsibility for your possessions or any personal injury of any kind sustained while on the campsite or using the service

1.10 You must keep to the racecourse speed limit whilst on site for your own and others safety.

1.11 You must take large items of rubbish away with you i.e. broken, tents, cardboard, chairs etc. Only general food waste and packaging is to be disposed of in our bins. You may be liable to a removal charge if we end up having to dispose of bulky items.

1.12 You must leave a gap of 6m between all units. This is a legal requirement. You may be asked to move your tent/unit if pitched too close to another. 3m is acceptable for groups. 

COVID-19 Policy

The purpose of this policy is to give rules and guidelines of our current stance on Coronavirus (Covid-19) in relation to our events and services. All information is up to date and current to the date stated at the top of this document but may be subject to change based on government guidelines and what we feel is just in the current climate. The following access requirements will be enforced at all of our events in order to keep our attendees safe with as minimal disruption to the event as possible.

When attending our events, please make sure you provide a form of evidence that you will not be exposing guests to Covid-19. Please provide one of the following:

    • Covid passport or evidence of having a full course of Covid vaccinations. This can either be from the NHS app, a confirmation email or a vaccination card.
    • A negative lateral flow test within 48 hours of event attendance. This can be provided by either a confirmation email or by an NHS app. A photo of a negative lateral flow test will not be accepted.
    • Proof of natural immunity from a positive Covid PCR test dated within the last 180 days.
    • Attendees under the age of 18 do not need to bring proof of safe Covid movement.

Please do not attend events if you currently feel unwell or exhibit symptoms typical of Coronavirus. These symptoms include:

    • A high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
    • A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
    • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Please also consider individual venue restrictions and regulations before travelling to any of our events. These policies should be readily available on their respective websites.

While at our events, we have the following advice in place to ensure everyone’s safety with as minimal disruption to the event as possible.


The government has ruled that it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks, we strongly promote wearing a face mask over your nose and mouth or alternatively, a face shield, when walking through crowded areas unless medically exempt.

Social Distancing

Where possible, try to maintain 2-meter social distancing. We understand this may not be possible in some areas of certain events, however, we advise to have an awareness of your surroundings and proximity to others in general.


Hand sanitiser will be readily available at our events. Please ensure you sanitise your hands regularly, wash your hands wherever possible especially around crowded areas.

Consideration of Others

We ask everyone attending our events to be considerate of everyone around them, some people have different tolerances and feelings towards going back to normal or being around large groups of people after so much time away. 


We will always uphold the best state of cleanliness available at our events. This can have several factors including event size and personnel available, however we will always strive to ensure the event is safe and sanitary.


NHS guidance has stated that having a higher flow of ventilation can reduce the spread of Covid. While this responsibility will ultimately fall to the individual venue, we will work with all our venues to ensure everything reasonably possible is done to maximise ventilation.

After attending any of our events, it is highly recommended that you follow up by conducting a lateral flow or PCR test from home to ensure your own peace of mind. Please input any positive or negative test results into the NHS app or the Test and Trace app in order to notify any other guests you may have come in close proximity to.

Age Policy

Specific elements of our events may be for over 18 only and you will be asked for ID to access them.

Challenge 25 operates on all bars. If you have purchased a ticket and are fortunate enough to look under the age of the 25, you will be required to provide ID that proves your age. If you cannot provide ID that is valid you will be unable to buy age-restricted products at the bars.

Accepted ID includes; photographic driving license, proof of age card with PASS hologram or a passport. Photocopies, bank cards or IDs shown on your phone, will not be accepted. For more information to obtain a valid form of ID please visit;

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while at one of our events. All such children are the responsibility of their accompanying adult at all times while at the event. While we do not expect older children and teenagers to be with their parent or guardian at all times, we do expect them to know the location of their adult, and have means of contacting them, or agreed meeting points. The guardian is responsible at all times for minors, failure to monitor the behaviour and activities of those in their care will result in eviction from site.


Strictly no trading or other commercial activity, by any ticket holder, will be allowed at the event without the organiser’s prior written consent.

Player1 Events accepts no responsibility for good or services purchased from third party traders.

Rubbish and other unwanted items must be disposed of using the bins and recycling points provided.

The burning of plastics, bedding, tents, furniture is not permitted anywhere across the venue and could result in criminal charges being brought against anyone caught doing so.

Anti-social behaviour (including but not limited to any urination or defecation in places other than the a toilet) will not be tolerated and anyone found acting in such a way will be immediately ejected without refund.

Strictly no animals (with the exception of Assistance Dogs) will be allowed on the site.

Some elements of our events may use pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, loud music, strobe lighting and special effects. If you have any specific questions relating to your requirements please contact us.  

All items lost while at one of our events will be handed to venue security.

For rules on cigarettes and e-cigarettes we ask that you refer to the venue website or security onsite.

Specific rules and restrictions may apply to some venues we use, which will form part of these terms and conditions for any events that are held at those venues – any breach of those rules will be treated as a breach of these terms and conditions. Please contact us or the venue for more details about such rules if you are unsure.

We ask that you refer to the venue website or email us directly for any support in relation to carers, accessibility or other specific disability support.

Security & Safety

The event and the venue has a rigorous search process at the entrances into the venue, and you may be searched on entry. If you are found to be in possession of any prohibited items, these shall be confiscated and you must immediately leave the venue and not be permitted entry to the event.

Dog units will be on site conducting searches at all times during an event as part of our security procedures. You may be body/bag searched at the gates, onsite or when leaving.

Player1 Events has a No Drugs Policy, and will strictly enforce our zero tolerance policy. Anyone caught in possession of such substances, having refused the opportunity to destroy or dispose of them under our supervision, will be refused entry at the gates or ejected immediately from the event site.

Drunken, disorderly, or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated by any event or venue staff; and may result in being ejected from the event site.

Additional prohibited items include; knives (including locking knives), sound systems,  fireworks, explosives, BBQs, smoke and gas canisters, air horns, flares, any weapons or items we believe in our sole discretion to be capable of injuring others, laser devices, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, sky lanterns. At the search and entry point, ticket holders will be given the opportunity to give up prohibited items in their possession. All items found will be confiscated, and not returned. The event organiser and venue operator, reserve the right to refuse entry or evict all persons found in possession of prohibited items.

Media Policy and Filming On Site

Filming and Photography is allowed throughout the public site, for personal, non-commercial use on personal devices such as mobile phones, tablets and compact cameras. Such photography must be  done respectfully to both your fellow visitors to the event, the event itself and the venue.

Official media or event photographers will wear a Press/Media Pass; and no other professional or commercial filming or photography is permitted without prior consent from the event organisers.

Anyone using cameras or filming equipment (including all mobile devices) are expected to be courteous to their fellow event attendees and ask permission before taking any up-close shots. Please do not take pictures or video of children other than your own or those in your party. If it is brought to our attention that a picture or video has been or is being taken without permission or without an official press pass, you will be required to delete the material and the photographer may be evicted from the event.

Photographs taken at our events cannot be included in any sponsored programme or in any form of advertising without our specific approval and sign off.

By entering the event you grant Player1 Events permission to use your image in any publicity, marketing or promotional materials.

As a condition of sale, the ticket holder consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded for television, feature films, radio, webcast and other public broadcast and/or for any video/DVD or by onsite CCTV cameras and recordings for safety and security purposes.

Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without prior written permission of the event organisers.


Downloading and sharing of copyright protected work on provided networks, is illegal and not allowed.

Every customer must bring a surge protection extension lead for connection to the event power sockets we provide. These units will help protect equipment from damage should there be a power surge or power loss.  No responsibility will be accepted by Player1 Events for any damage caused to equipment due to the absence of a surge protector.

You are unable to plug anything else into the venue power supply other than your PC/console and monitor(s).

If your computer is seen to be causing problems to the network, your computer will be disconnected from the network for investigations.  If the problem still carries on the visitor will be asked to remain off-line.

We advise that every visitor coming to the event protects themselves from the network with the appropriate protection software and operating system settings.

All children under the age of 16 are the responsibility of their appointed adult at all times whilst at the event.  LAN customers may have age restricted content on their screen at any time throughout the event; it is the responsibility of the appointed adult to moderate their viewing and exposure to adult themes.  All LAN customers must abide by the Community Guidelines.

LAN ticket holders under the age of 16 are required to have a parent or guardian accompany them at all times with a consent form completed and signed

LAN ticket holders between the age of 16 and 17 are required to complete a parent’s consent form prior to event entry.

LAN ticket holders can have with them up to two guests . The LAN ticket holder must take their guests to the Helpdesk to receive guest wristbands which will not be valid without either a weekend wristband or a day stamp. 

Legal Guff

We may refuse access and provide a full or pro-rata partial refund if you do not comply with these terms and conditions or where after reasonable warning your behaviour represents a danger to customers, staff or equipment – this refund represents the only compensation provided in such circumstances.

Persons who cause any damage to the venue, our property or third party property, whether deliberate or accidental, while at the event will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the items.

We don’t exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors OR for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

In the event that any part of these terms and conditions are held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such provisions will be severed and the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall continue in full force and effect.

Failure by us to enforce a right does not result in a waiver of such right. You may not assign or transfer your rights under these terms and conditions.

English law applies to these terms and conditions and any dispute between us arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions will only be dealt with by the English courts, unless you are resident in another part of the United Kingdom, in which case the applicable law of that part of the United Kingdom will apply and any dispute will be brought before the courts there.

We reserve the right to terminate your access to this Site and any use of Our online services at any time with or without cause or notice.

Player1 Events reserve the right to add to or amend these Terms from time to time. Amendments will take effect when posted on the official event website & social media channels. Please check the FAQs section regularly for changes and to ensure you have up to date information as these are binding on you. If you purchase a ticket after any amendment to these Terms, you agree to be bound by the updated version of these Terms.

We reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to another company within our corporate group. We will publish notice of any such transfer on our website(s) and may, but are not required to, notify you of such transfer via email.