Social Gaming At Its Best

StratLAN, an Insomnia BYOC event, is host to 3 events a year, each event is a 5 day 24/7 community focused LAN held at Stratford Upon Avon Racecourse. Running for over 20 years StratLAN is the ultimate in community gaming experience, famed for it’s laid back and friendly atmosphere welcoming newcomers and old friends alike.

What We Do

Gaming is everything and our event caters for every type! Game at your desk on your own equipment, take part in the multitude of games we schedule over the 5 days, take to the social area for some DDR or VR gaming for something more physical, or dive into a game board game or game of Werewolves.

We Cater For Everything

Indoor sleeping* and camping are available at each event. Indoor sleeping is limited but there is loads of camping space. Extra event services are available, including monitor & PC rentals so you don’t need to worry about a thing. What are you waiting for? Come join us!

*Indoor camping is subject to Covid guidelines and may need to be withdrawn at a later date.

What Our Community Say